Hadith of the Day

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“Ajaib urusan seorang muslim, sesungguhnya segala urusannya adalah baik. Apabila dia mendapat kesenangan dia bersyukur dan apabila dia ditimpa kesusahan dia bersabar maka menjadilah baik baginya” (riwayat Bukhari)

Spiritual Quotient

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Dana Zohar and Ian Marshall introduced a new dimension to human intelligenceSpiritual Quotient (or SQ) is the ultimate intelligence, they claim. This is the intelligence used to solve problems of meaning and value. “Is my job giving me the fulfillment I seek?” “Am I relating to the people in my life in a way that contributes to their happiness and mine?” Answers to these questions determine whether we will find happiness or not. IQ and EQ are inadequate in such issues.

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8 signs of high Spiritual Quotient (SQ)

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1. Flexibility
2. Self-awareness
3. An ability to face and use suffering
4. The ability to be inspired by a vision
5. An ability to see connections between diverse things (thinking holistically)
6. A desire and capacity to cause as little harm as possible
7. A tendency to probe and ask fundamental questions
8. An ability to work against convention

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